That is the view of Michael Oputa, a nigerian american real estate businessman who is also a political operator in Bowie, near Washington, DC. On Tuesday, December 18, he sat down with journalist Ben Bangoura to reflect on a memorable meeting he had with the late secessionist leader of Biafra, General Chukwu Emeka.

Mike explains how he admired the man who once advocated for a breakaway republic, but at the end of the day realized that in the world of Globalization, a divided Nigeria can not stand. He went on to emphasize his own believe in the principle that Nigeria should remain united within a continental Africa, greater than divided.

In addition, Oputa lambastes the current government for too many failures among which Security, Youth unemployment as well as Endemic corruption. He blames officials for squandering the country’s vaste resources, « simply because in the hands of people who have no idea how does the economy work ». But as far as the next presidential election is concerned, Michael Oputa said that is up to nigerian people to decide, though he insisted the system is corrupt. Let’s listen. AlloAfricaNews